UdeM received its new H4RG detector for NIRPS

UdeM’s Team received the H4RG infrared detector on November 23rd. This detector is a brand new 4k x 4k infrared detector designed and manufactured by Teledyne imaging in USA. 

First view of NIRPS FPA

UdeM group is working hard to provide a new type of Focal Plane Assembly (FPA) to receive the new H4RG detectors build by Teledyne. These FPA will be available end of July for testing.  

NIRPS and SPIRou size compared !

Both spectrographs NIRPS and its cousin SPIRou can be compared on this view. SPIRou will be installed on the CFHT by the end of 2017 and NIRPS on the 3.6m at La Silla in 2019.

NIRPS consortium awards Bach Research echelle grating contract for exoplanet research

NIRPS consortium has chosen Bach Research inc. as the official manufacturer for its diffraction grating. NIRPS is a fiber-fed and cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph using an R4 (blaze angle of 76°) echelle. The collimated beam diameter of the spectrograph… Read More

H4RG ordered

UdeM team has placed an order to purchase the H4RG detector of NIRPS in July 2016. This order will include one engineering grade detector, one 4k x 4k  science grade detector with a 2.5 µm cutoff and all… Read More