The project team is composed by:

Principal Investigators:

  • René Doyon, UdeM, OMM and iREx, Canada
  • François Bouchy, Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland

Project Scientists:

  • Étienne Artigau, UdeM, OMM and iREx, Canada
  • C. Lovis, Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
  • Xavier Delfosse, IPAG, France
  • Pedro Figueira, IA, Portugal
  • B. Canto, UFRN, Brazil
  • Jonay Hernandez, IAC, Spain

Project Management:

  • Olivier Hernandez, UdeM, OMM and iREx, Canada
  • Lison Malo, UdeM, OMM and iREx, Canada (deputy)

System Engineering:

  • François Wildi, Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Blind (Front-End), Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
  • Vlad Reshetov (Back-End)Les Saddlemyer, NRC, Canada

ESO represent:

  • Ulli Kaeufl, ESO, Germany
  • Claudio Melo, ESO