Marine Prunier


My name is Marine, I am a french Master’s student from ISAE-Supaéro Toulouse, and I am excited to join the X-tra research group this summer for my final internship.

My internship will aim to apply new machine learning routines developed withinDr. Julie Hl Dr. Julie HlavacekLarrondo research group to galaxy clusters.  The objective will be to test these routines on X-ray data and to determine whether these routines provide better constraints on metal abundance in galaxy clusters.

I am currently finishing a Master of Aerospace Engineering at ISAE-Supaéro (started in sept 2020; expected completion 2022) with a specialisation in spatial instrumentation (microwaves engineering, antennas). Prior to this Master I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne in Switzerland.

My Master thesis is focused on the space plasma-spacecraft interaction and its impact on the measurement of the plasma characteristics by instrumental probes. This project is supervised by Pierre Henri (researcher at CNRS Orléans) in the scope of the (ESA) Comet Interceptor mission (launch date 2029) that aims to visit a comet entering the solar system for the first time. 

Passionate about spatial exploration, I am preparing a Martian life analog mission at the Mars Desert Research Station in parallel to my studies. This March, with a crew of six other students I will simulate Martian life for an intense three-week mission in the middle of Utah desert. The goal is to study the technologies and protocols that will be applied to human space exploration.