Marine Prunier


I am Marine, a doctoral student in astrophysics at the University of Montreal.
 My research focuses on the study of high-energy astrophysical phenomena such as Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). Located in the central galaxy of a cluster, an AGN is an active supermassive black hole that can emit bright jets and winds. I am investigating the influence of these AGN on the overall dynamic and structure of the surrounding galaxy cluster using X-ray observations and the Illustris-TNG cosmological simulations.My academic career has taken me to various universities in Switzerland, Belgium, France and Canada, where I had the opportunity to work on several research topics in astrophysics but also in aerospace engineering and planetary sciences. I am also a passionate sky-watcher and have had several experiences as an astronomer along the way!Beyond research, I have consistently dedicated efforts to communicate science to the public and advocate for the inclusion of women in science. For years, I have been engaged in youth outreach through Space@yourservice in Lausanne, Switzerland, promoting space science for all, and with Club Mars in Toulouse. I am also co-organiser of Astronomy on Tap in Montreal, with regular monthly events in bars around the city.For more information on my present and past activities, check out my website