About me

I am an Astrophysics PhD researcher currently working at Université de Montréal in the Institute for research on exoplanets (iREx). Previous to this I worked at York University, Toronto (and visited McGill Space Institute, McGill University, Montreal).

I completed my PhD in Astrophysics at the Centre for Astrophysics Research at the University of Hertfordshire, department of Physics, Astronomy and Maths and my Masters in Physics at University of Manchester, department of Physics and Astronomy.

My research involves all things cool (M dwarfs, brown dwarfs and exoplanets):

I am a keen user of the python programming language including Astropy, Tkinter, Aplpy, Emcee etc., also have some experience in Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL, C++, C, Matlab, IDL and Fortran.

As well as this I have a passion for playing the piano, tennis, badminton, walking, television and movies, computer games and creating space art.

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