Schedule of the meeting

Tuesday 09/02 : Room 1035 J.A. Bombardier

Final version of the programme click here : finalprog.pdf

  1. -8h30 - 10h00 : Photon Etc. will offer a Breakfast (do not have one before! ) and will also organize a visit.

  2. -10h00 - 12h30 : Talks

  3. -12h30 - 14h30 : Lunch time

  4. -14h30 - 18h00 : Talks

Wednesday 09/03 : Room 1035, 1046, 5031 J. A. Bombardier

people will divide themselves in small groups to actually

finalize the proposals. A template for the technical part is being

prepared and will be common to all proposals

  1. -8h30 - 12h30 : Workshop

  2. -12h30 -14h30 : Lunch time

  3. -14h30 - 17h00 : Workshop

Thursday 09/04 : Room D460, Dep. Physics, Roger Gaudry

  1. -8h30 - 12h30 : Final presentations of proposals and discussion

on the practical aspects related to them (rules of publication, data bases, financing the runs, etc)

Friday 09/05 : a visit of the mont Mégantic observatory (260km from Montréal) could be done, please contact LOC upon arrival.

Detailed direction maps :

Tuesday & Wednesday

Room 1035, J.A. BOMBARDIER, 5155 av Decelles :

From Université de Montréal station : Click UdeMCampusMap.pdf and follow red lines.


Room D460, pavillon Rauger Gaudry, department of Physics, Université de Montréal

Follow yellow lines.


A meeting for preparing proposals to use the instrument 3DNTT

in semester 2009B will be held in Montréal from 09/02 to 09/04

Thank you for registering as soon as possible if you plan to attend the meeting by first clicking on this link :

Then click on the following link to submit your abstract for your presentation :

Feel free to contact olivier @, in case of any questions.

SOC :     Claude Carignan - CRAQ - Université de Montréal

Philippe Amram - LAM - OAMP - France

Chantal Balkwoski - GÉPI - OBSPM - France

Olivier Hernandez - CRAQ -  Université de Montréal

Matt Lehnert - GÉPI - OBSPM - France

Michel Marcelin - LAM - OAMP - France

LOC :     Olivier Hernandez

Claude Carignan

Oliver Daigle

Marie-Maude de Denus Baillargeon

Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo

List of participants can be found on the following link :


Participants MUST make their own arrangements for hotel accomodation.

A set of rooms has been reserved at Hôtel Terasse Royale near Université de Montréal. USE THE CODE “ 3DNTT “ to place a reservation by phone or email.

LOC is also suggesting the Hotel of ITHQ in the “Plateau”  neighbourhood.

You can also visit : to find the hotel of your choice. Teachers and students may find rebates for accomodation using this link :

(thanks Brendon !)

3DNTT last Scientific Council presentations :














Thanks to all participants.

3DNTT proposal meeting  :

from September 2nd to September 4th 2008


Montréal, Québec, H2X 3P1, Canada,