Reconstruction of convection under solar active region

Subphotospheric reconstructions of magnetoconvection under a solar active region by data assimilation within an anelastic model of solar convection. The simulated domain spans 175x175 Megameters horizontally, and extends from the photosphere deeply in to the convection zone. We use the "Diffusive Back and Forth Nudging", algorithm to assimilate magnetogram data from the MDI instrument onboard the SOHO spacecraft into a convection simulation computed using the ANMHD code. This image combines SOHO/EIT data with simulation results rendered using the VAPOR visualization software. Below the active region magnetic fieldlines are concentrated in convective downdrafts and extend to the base of the simulation domain, suggesting a strong link between surface activity and the deep convecting layers. For illustrative purposes, above the active region, the magnetic field has been extended into the corona using the linear force-free hypothesis.


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