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Rocky Planetesimals as the Origin of Metals in DZ Stars
Farihi, J.; Barstow, M. A.; Redfield, S.; Dufour, P.; Hambly, N. C.

Watery, rocky planets may be common in the Milky Way (Press Release)

Polluted stars suggest other Earth-like worlds

Earth-Like Planets May Abound in the Milky Way
Il y a bien des planètes autour des naines blanches

Watery, rocky planets are commonplace in the Milky Way

Bintang Tua Petunjuk Sistem Tata Surya Lain

Sun-Like Stars Littered with Rocky Remains

New evidence cited that rocky, watery planets are common

Astronomer: Earth-Like Planets Are Common, But Stars Have Eaten Many

Odwrócone planety

Thousands of Civilizations Could Exist in Our Galaxy According to new studies of white dwarfs

Astronomer: Earth-Like Planets Are Common

Up close with the planet hunters

Good Prospects for Extraterrestrial Life? Rocky Planets 'Are Commonplace' in Our Galaxy

Galaxie může být plná života. Vědci mají důkazy

Wet Rocky Planets A Dime A Dozen In The Milky Way

asteroid belt

Une vue d'artiste d'un astéroïde brisé par les forces de marée d'une naine blanche. Crédit : Nasa / JPL-Caltech

An artist’s impression of a massive asteroid belt in orbit around a star.
The new work with SDSS data shows that similar rubble around many
white dwarfs contaminates these stars with rocky material and water.
Credit: NASA-JPL / Caltech / T. Pyle (SSC).