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Date: Subject
12 Aug 08 NRC designs Supercomputer to boost reach of U.S. telescope
24 Apr 07 NRC scientists produce world's most sensitive radio detectors to probe the Universe
29 Jun 06 The Canada-France-Hawaii telescope goes wide in the infrared too!
01 Jun 06 Thirty meter telescope passes conceptual design review
04 May 06 AMEC's 'Big Bang' telescope to study the birth of the universe
29 Sep 03 University of Calgary researchers help build a new window on the universe
02 Jun 03 International Gemini Observatory celebrates success of new Canadian-built system
11 Apr 03 Canada's NRC celebrates launch of World's Largest Digital Camera
01 Jan 03 Professor R. Schilizzi appointed first Director of the International Square Kilometer Array
01 Dec 02 A new Institute for Computational Astrophysics at Saint Mary's University
18 Jan 02 Gemini Observatory Celebrates Historic First for Observational Astronomy
2001 James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Operations News

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