Théophile Bégin

Théophile started his master’s degree in September of 2019 under the supervision of Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo, Université de Montréal. Prior to his master’s, he completed his undergraduate degree in engineering physics at Polytechnique Montréal. His research is oriented on radio interferometry imaging of the MS0735.6+7421 galaxy cluster. The purpose of the project is to produce a map of the X-ray cavities, to image the fine structure of the astrophysical jets generated by the central supermassive black hole of the cluster, and eventually to spot a mini-halo structure which is characteristic of large-scale magnetic fields. The raw data used for this project were obtained from the Very Large Array radio telescope (New Mexico, USA). The project will lead to a better understanding of the dynamics of supermassive black hole energy feedback in galaxy clusters. In the second part of his master’s degree, Théophile will work in collaboration with Daryl Haggard of McGill University to process some radio signal for multi-messenger astronomy related to LIGO detections. He can be reached at begin[at]